A Splinter of Hope...




Maybe they said you couldn’t. 

Maybe they laughed at you so often you began to think you were nothing more than a punchline. 

Maybe you’ve been beaten down so many times you stay in the dirt because at least you won’t have to travel as far when the next blow lands. 

Down for the count?But maybe that’s not how your story is supposed to go. 

Maybe there is a splinter of hope. A miracle of a chance that cuts through the wall of fear just long enough to give you a glimpse of who you really are. 

And maybe that glimpse sends small fissures throughout the wall that deepen and grow, and and spread like a brittle web of fault lines  until one day something happens you never thought possible... 



You start to believe. 


... and the wall that unmercifully constricted your every thought and move helplessly shatters like a glass ceiling trying to hold down a rocket and you burst forth to see 

all of the good, 

all of the hope, 

and all of the opportunity 

that has always been there, but fear didn’t want you to see...


You’re destiny is far greater than clinging to dirt...

You were made to route armies, build dreams, and flourish under an endless sky of possibilities.

But if you don’t believe it, you’ll never get there... 


This project was created to inspire you to believe it and to keep going. To fight your way through the clouds of fear, hopelessness, and despair and on to what you were made to do...  




Because, as the saying goes,...  "If you lose, it's not over... If you stop, then it will be over."  

I want it to give you the courage to trust that there are far greater things ahead.  
I want you to take a stand against the fear that's blocking the view. 

I want you, even against all odds, to Still Believe.




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